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Monday, January 20, 2014

GelCap Splice Covers

GelCap Splice Covers
Raychem GelCap splice cover kits quickly and conveniently insulate, seal, and protect stub splice connections up to 1000 volts.  GelCap Splice Covers are water resistant.  The GelCap's compact design was engineered to handle the harsh environments of motor connections.  GelCap splice cover kits are equally well suited for many other connection applications including street light connections.  The specially formulated material provides excellent abrasion resistance and insulation value for GelCaps. 

Each GelCap size is designed to fit a wide range of cable sizes.  The expandable design keeps the GelCap as small as possible and allows it to expand only as much as needed to fit on large cable.

GelCap splice cover kits provide the fastest installation.  Simply push the cover down over the connection and snap the clamp closed.  No extra materials or greases are required.  The PowerGel sealant is already in the cap.  Removal of the GelCap is just as quick and easy as installation.  For wire sizes #16-500kcmil.

Key Features of GelCap Splice Covers:
  • PowerGel sealing gel filling, operates in SF6 and insulating liquids
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Easy re-entry
 Common Uses for GelCap Splice Covers:
  • Motor connections
  • Street Lighting
  • Over wire nuts for sealing
  • Irrigation systems
  • HVAC
  • Outdoor lighting 

ShrinkMark Heat-Shrinkable Sleeves

Raychem ShrinkMark sleeves are suitable for a wide variety of applications. ShrinkMark Heat-shrinkable sleeves provide legible identification for all types of cables used by electrical contractors and instrumentation control manufacturers.  Because ShrinkMark sleeves are extruded from Raychem tubing, they have a low installed profile with no edges to snag. The crosslinked polyolefin construction makes ShrinkMark sleeves resistant to abrasion, aggressive cleaning solvents, and industrial fluids. ShrinkMark sleeves are ideal for tough industrial environments, including switch gear, motor control centers, and terminal boxes. They shrink faster than conventional thermoplastic tags
• Shrink ratio of 3:1
• Expanded sleeve diameters from .125" (3.125 mm) to 1.50" (38 mm)
• Sleeves come in 2.00" (50 mm) lengths
• Flame retardant. Sleeves meet UL 224
• Print performance to military requirements
• ShrinkMark sleeves can be supplied pre-scored for a more economical use of material
• Several packaging options to choose from: 250, 1,000 or 2,500 pieces per box
• Standard colors are white and yellow
• Elliptical shape leaves un-shrunk sleeves in place
• Temperature range is -30°C to 105°C

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