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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CBR Cable Breakouts

Cable Break Outs - CBR

CBR break out
Tyco Electronics / Raychem Cable Breakouts
     CBR products seal breakouts in multi conductor cables and conduit.  These seals are made of tough, crosslinked polyolefin to provide mechanical protection and strain relief.  CBR seals have an adhesive coating on the body and the legs to form a durable watertight seal, and conform tightly to conduits and cable jackets. 

     For use on standard poly or elastomeric insulated/jacketed multi conductor cables or cables in metal or plastic conduits. 

See the CBR sizing chart above.  Standard parts are:
  • CBR-2-1-A
  • CBR-2-2-A*
  • CBR-2-3-A
  • CBR-3-1-A
  • CBR-3-2-A*
  • CBR-3-3-A*
  • CBR-3-4-A
  • CBR-4-1-A
  • CBR-4-2-A*
  • CBR-4-3-A*
  • CBR-4-4-A
  • CBR-6-1-A
  • CBR-6-2-A*
  • CBR-PLUG (for use with * items above)

Friday, January 15, 2016

MRS Mining Repair Sleeve

Flame Retardant Mining Repair Sleeve (MRS)

     Tyco Electronics / Raychem's wrap around mining repair sleeve provides an efficient method of repairing insulation on flexible cables to 2 kV and repairing jacket damage on high voltage cable where a splice is not required.
flame retardant shrink sleeve
MRS - Mining Repair Sleeve
     The specially formulated, flame retardant, flexible wraparound sleeve installs with a low profile quickly and easily, which means the cable can be returned to service in minutes.  The sleeve is ideal for use on trailing cable as well as flexible construction cables and conduits. 

     MRS is MSHA approved (No. P137-MSHA) for rejacketing flexible and mining cable and as a primary insulation up to 2 kV.

mining repair sleeve sizing

 Available sizes are:
MRS 12-10
MRS 12-24
MRS 34-24
MRS 34-30
MRS 56-30

Installation is as simple as this:
MRS sleeve installation


Thursday, January 14, 2016

MBSM Shrink Sleeve

MBSM Wrap Around Jacket Repair (to 35kV)

     MBSM repair sleeves (heat shrinkable) protect cables in mechanically abusive environments.  They also rejacket premolded splices.  MBSM also repairs and rejackets LC shielded and moisture impervious cables.  MBSM is also used to provide strain relief to cables.
wrap around jacket repair shrink sleeve

     MBSM is available in five different sizes; all supplied with a 5:1 shrink ratio (that is a high, high shrink ratio).   It is designed to be used on standard poly or elastomeric insulated / jacketed cables which may include aluminum or steel armoring.  MBSM provides a moisture vapor transmission barrier for repairing and rejacketing LC shield and moisture impervious cables.  MBSM sleeves do not provide electrical insulation.

MBSM 43/8-1200
MBSM 75/15-1200
MBSM 125/30-1200
MBSM 160/42-1200
MBSM 200/50-1200

The first letters (MBSM) are simply the material type
The first numbers (43, 75, 125, 160, 200) are all the supplied ID of the tube
The second numbers (8, 15, 30, 42, 50) are all the fully recovered OD of the tubes (fully shrunk)
The last numbers (1200) is the length of the tube in millimeters (or 4 feet long).

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


CRSM Cable Tap Splices

An installed CRSM-CT sleeve
     Raychem's CRSM-CT is a wrap around, sealed cable tap splice.  Utilizing a rail and channel closure mechanism, CRSM is able to stay together in the shape of a tube during the shrink process while still holding onto its high expansion full recovery.

     Designed to be used on 1000 volt and lower cables, CRSM can cover a multitude of different cable sizes, removing the need to stock multiple supplied and recovered dimension products.

CRSM-CT is available in the following sizes:
CRSM-CT 34/10-150
CRSM-CT 53/13-200
CRSM-CT 84/20-250
CRSM-CT 53/13-200

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

RVS Roll On Splice Seal

Rayvolve Cold Applied Splice Seal


     Rayvolve RVS Splice cover kits are the easy roll on way to insulate and seal cable connections up to 1000 volts.  The gripping force of the specially formulated EPDM elastomer combines with the high performance sealant to form a water resistant, insulating sleeve that is UL listed and CSA certified for direct burial application over in line compression connectors.

     Rayvolve splice cover sleeves feature a dual wall design with an entrapped lubricant, making installation fast and simple.  The elastomeric sleeve rolls onto the cable with minimal effort, even at temperatures below -15F. 
     The cable can be energized immediately.  It is ideal for use where gas and electric heating devices are not approved or allowed due to safety concerns.

rvs sizing

     RVS-11 for #8 - 2/0
     RVS-12 for 1/0 to 250
     RVS-13 for 250-600
     RVS-14 for 600-1000

Monday, January 11, 2016


GelWrap Wrap Around Splice Closure (1000V)

     Gel wrap splice closures (manufactured by Tyco Electronics; formerly manufactured by Raychem) quickly and conveniently insulate and seal buried electrical connections rated up to 1000 volts.  The robust and compact design is engineered to handle the harsh environments of direct burial and manhole applications.  Gel wrap splice closures are equally well suited for insulation and jacket repair.

     Installers will appreciate the simple wrap around design and dependable gel sealing performance.  Simply wrap and snap the closure on any cable in the use range.  The gel in the closure seals on contact.  Installation is literally a snap.  The gel wrap splice closure can be applied on all common compression connectors and low voltage cables.  Many in line mechanical connectors can be covered as well.

     The factory cured power gel silicone sealant in the gel wrap closure completely encapsulates the connection.  Since the gel is easily stretched and very stick, it basically forms around the cable and connector sticking to everything including itself.  Moisture cannot enter the splice.

gel tech

     Gelwrap is available in a number of different sizes:
GelWrap 18/4-100
GelWrap 18/4-150
GelWrap 18/4-200
GelWrap 18/4-250
GelWrap 18/4-300
GelWrap 33/10-150
GelWrap 33/10-200
GelWrap 33/10-250
GelWrap 33/10-300
GelWrap 33/10-350
GelWrap 50/20-200
GelWrap 50/20-250
GelWrap 50/20-300
GelWrap 50/20-350
GelWrap 50/20-400

Friday, January 8, 2016


RNF-100 Thin Wall Uncoated Tubing

small color tubing
RNF -100 Tubing Available in Many Colors
     RNF-100 is a flexible, flame retardant, thin walled, general purpose heat shrinkable polyolefin (a modified polyethylene) tubing.  Available in many different colors (but the clear tubing is not flame retardant). 

     RNF-100 is ideal for wire jacketing, marking and color coding different wires and cables.  This tubing is sold with a 3:1 shrink ratio and an unlimited shelf life when stored under proper conditions. 

     Sold in rolls that can be anywhere from 25 feet long to 500 feet long; RNF is a multi functional product that is excellent to have on hand for many different possible uses.

RNF-100 sizing chart

     Here we see the sizing chart.  This chart shows catalog nomenclature, ID as supplied, ID as recovered, recovered wall thickness and standard feet per spool options. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Heat Shrink Tubing (Medium Wall)

MWTM Heat Shrink Tubing

shrink tubes
MWTM Medium Wall Shrink Tubing
     Raychem invented many different varieties of heat shrinkable tubing made specifically for many different applications.  As an example, we have our WCSM - rated to 1000 volts.  But what about cases where 1000 volt resistance isn't needed?  Is there a more cost effective option?  Of course there is: MWTM rated to 600 volts. 

     The radiation cross linked PE backing is just a little thinner than the WCSM.  Thinner backing means less electrical resistivity.  Pretty simple. 

     The sealant coated MWTM (you know it is sealant coated when it has a -S in the nomenclature) is for use on insulation and jacket repair up to 600 volts or for general sealing and rejacketing of polymeric or elastomeric insulated cables up to 35kV.  MWTM has a 3:1 shrink ratio and an unlimited shelf life when stored under normal conditions.

MWTM sizes

     See the different sizes available above.  The first letters are of course the material type (MWTM).  The first number is the supplied ID of the shrink tubing.  The second number (after the /) is the size which the shrink sleeve tube will recover to.  The third number (1200) is the length of the tube as supplied (they can be cut down simply and easily). 

     So, the MWTM 85/25-1200-S is a tube rated to 600 volts, supplied with an ID of 85mm which will shrink down to a 25mm substrate - it is supplied in a 1200mm long tube (48") and is coated on the inside with a sealant adhesive. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FCSM - Flame Retardant Heavy Wall Tubing

FCSM - for 1/C Low Voltage Power Cable (2000 Volts)

     Some applications require a flame retardant material in order to meet specifications for a project.  In those cases, FCSM can be the perfect option with it's tough, crosslinked polyolefin construction that provides mechanical strength and cut through resistance, equal to or surpassing the properties of low voltage cable jackets. 
flame proof shrink sleeve

     FCSM's 3 to 1 shrink ratio and unlimited shelf life when stored properly make it simple and easy to have on hand for emergency repairs and quick use.  FCSM can be used as jacket repair on cables up to 35kV.  It is available in both internally coated with a sealant (-S) and uncoated (/U) varieties. 

flame retarant heat shrink
FCSM use chart
raychem flame resistant

     The first chart lists all FCSM that are internally coated sizes.  Simply look for your cable sizes and your connector sizes and you will quickly zero in on the size you need.  The plant does require that standard box quantities are met which means you may have to purchase more tubes than you need at any given moment. 

     The bottom chart shows sizes for uncoated FCSM tubes (no sealant inside).  For questions and comments about FCSM, please contact us today:

Monday, January 4, 2016



     In the Raychem world, we have two products with very similar names:  CRSM and CRSM-CT.  What's up with that?  What do those letters stand for?  Why not use more dissimilar names because that gets kind of confusing?  I don't know any of those answers -- but I do know what CRSM and CRSM-CT stand for.

     CRSM stands for "Cable Repair Sleeve - metric" -- or alternatively:  "Cable Rejacketing Sleeve - metric".  The "CT" at the end of the CRSM-CT stands for "Cable Tap" splice.  That probably didn't help very much did it?  I think the primary difference between the two products is that the CRSM-CT (which is expected to seal between two cables as seen below) is manufactured with a significantly thicker adhesive layer.  That thicker adhesive is sufficient to fill all cracks and voids and even properly seal the area between two different cables that are running parallel to one another. 
cable tap heat shrink
Here you see how the adhesive thickness of the CRSM-CT is able to properly seal around two cables
     Both products utilize the same backing and the same rail and channel closure system.  In both cases, the product is rated for use at 1000 volts when in direct contact with the cable splice / the current.  When used simply as a jacket repair, however, the products are rated to 35kV.  Quite a difference depending on what the application is!  You certainly would NOT under any circumstances use this product to seal a high voltage splice.  That could be deadly.

     CRSM is available for use on cables #8 up through 2000 mcm.  CRSM-CT (on a compression connector) can be used on #8 up through 500 mcm cable.  When installing on a split connector, you (of course) need a sleeve large enough to wrap around two different cables; so in those situations you are looking at installing on connections using # through #2 cable size.