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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

CSTO - Cold Shrink Termination for Outdoor Use

CSTO 154G: Cold Shrink Termination

cold applied termination
      CSTO is an outdoor cold shrink termination for copper tape shield cable rated to 15kV.  The components for this kit are as follows:
  • Installation instructions
  • Silicone Housing on holdout
  • 2 gray sealing mastic
  • roll spring
  • solder blocked ground braid
  • 2 adhesive backed copper tape strips
  • cutback template
     In terms of installation equipment (not supplied with kit):
  • Cable preparation tools
  • TE P63 cable prep kit
  • Clean lint free cloth
  • Non-Conductive abrasive cloth (120 grit or finer)
  • Electricians tape
  • Connector and installation tool

outdoor cold applied termination
The expanded main component
      This is the workhorse of the CSTO kit - the "silicone housing on holdout" - it is stretched quite a lot and when the holdout is removed, it snaps down to a much smaller dimension offering insulation and protection to your cable.

CSTP cold shrink
      This is the technical name of just that silicone component:  CSTP-25-OS-VFM.

     The other components of the kit - the braided ground wire, the spring and the adhesive strips. 

     This product is remarkably simple to install - see the following installation video:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

HVBT - High Voltage Bus Tape


High Voltage Bus Tape

     This is yet another TE product that we keep in stock available for same day shipping.  HVBT is a high voltage, self-amalgamating tape for round and rectangular bus bars. 
high voltage bus tape
HVBT-2-R-01 - Raychem/Tyco Electronics product
     Now, before we get started I'd like to talk about this sticker:
high voltage tape
Now, that's an important sticker
     This is one of the most important stickers I've ever seen on a product.  This is not one of those stickers that tells you "don't remove this tag from the mattress" -- and this is not one of those stickers that says "do not stick your fingers in the blender while it is running."  This sticker tells you something IMPORTANT.   It is a little unusual in most of the heat shrink world for a product to be rolled adhesive side out and there not be a release paper of some kind -- but that is the case for the HVBT.  Pay attention to that sticker or your product is not going to install or work properly.  Good job Raychem for being as clear as possible.

     The HVBT is spiral wrapped around the busbar, applying some amount of heat along the way to prevent ending up with multiple layers of heat shrink that do not shrink because they are insulated by too many outer layers of HVBT. 
hvbt roll

     HVBT is sold in standard quantities of 4 rolls.  Rolls are 25 feet long.  We can (on occasion) break standard box quantities if necessary, so don't be afraid to ask if you have a smaller requirement than 100 feet of material.

     Tyco Electronics has an excellent installation video that shows just how easy this product is to install.  You can see it below:

Monday, March 6, 2017

Raychem HVT-Z-80-G/SG


     Joint Specialists is now stocking HVT-Z-80-G/SG.  We keep a number in stock (and about 50 other Tyco Electronics / Raychem products) so feel free to check with us for current inventory levels.  We do ship most of our items same day from our warehouse in Conroe, TX.  

     Going to start a series where I highlight / spotlight one Raychem / Tyco Electronics product each day.  Today we are looking HVT-Z-80.  

     First the product summary:  5/8 kV, 1/C indoor/outdoor termination kit for copper tape, wire shield, and unishield cables.  

     Nominal use range:  #4 - #1 AWG 5kV or #6-#2 AWG for 8kV.  
     Insulation OD Range: .35-.60" (9-15mm)
     Max Cable Jacket Diam: .95" (24mm)
So, what comes in a kit?   
This is the kit you get when you buy an HVT-Z-80-G/SG
Let's take a closer look at this though, breaking down into smaller pictures:
Raychem 32/10
Raychem Red non-Tracking Tube and 2 Red Mastic Strips

Strips of copper backed tape
1 Yellow Angle-cut mastic strip and 2 strips of copper backed tape

solder-blocked braid
Solder blocked braid and a ground clamp spring
     That is what you will get every time you order a single HVT-Z-80-G/SG.  

     Now let's take a look at an installation video for HVT-Z (not 80)