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Friday, November 22, 2013

Raychem ALK (Airport Lighting Kit) Splice Sealing Kit

Raychem ALK Splice Seal Kit
Heat-Shrink Airport Lighting Kit
 These environmental Raychem ALK Splice Sealing Kits enhance the ability of type L-823 plug and receptacle connectors to meet FAA specifications. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

MRS Repair Sleeves

MRS Repair Sleeves
   MRS Repair Sleeves are heat-shrink wraparound flame-retardant sleeve which is rated to 2kV.  The MRS wraparound mining repair sleeve provides an efficient method of repairing insulation on flexible cables.  The MRS Repair Sleeve also repairs jacket damage on high-voltage cable where a splice is not required.  MRS Repair Sleeves are a specially formulated, flame retardant, flexible wraparound sleeve which installs with a low profile quickly and easily which means the cable can be returned to service in minutes.  The MRS Repair Sleeve is ideal for use on trailing cable as well as flexible-construction cables and conduits. 

Kits contain a wraparound MRS Repair Sleeve and stainless steel channel closure.  MRS Repair Sleeves are precoated with adhesive. 

MSHA approved.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Rayvolve RVS Splice Covers

Rayvolve RVS Splice Cover
Raychem's Rayvolve RVS Splice Cover kit is a cold applied splice which are the easy "roll-on" way to insulate and seal 1/C cable connections up to 1000V.  The Rayvolve RVS Splice Cover utilizes the gripping force of the specially formulated EPDM elastomer combined with the high-performance sealant to form a water-resistant insulating sleeve.  The Rayvolve RVS Splice Cover is UL listed and CSA certified for direct burial application over in-line compression connectors. 

The Rayvolve RVS Splice Cover features a dual wall design with an entrapped lubricant, making installation fast and simple.  The Rayvolve RVS Splice Cover rolls onto the cable with minimal effort, even at temperatures below -15°F (-25°C).  The cable can be energized immediately.  It is ideal for use where gas or electric heating devices are not approved.

The Rayvolve RVS Splice Cover is RUS accepted for use as a secondary tap or splice cover and is for use on standard poly- or elastomeric-insulated cables. Use the Rayvolve RVS Splice Cover to insulate and seal in-line compression connectors or to seal terminal lugs. 

Rayvolve RVS Splice Covers Sizes are shown below:
Catalog No   Conductor Size (AWG/kcmil)
RVS-11        #8-2/0 AWG                
RVS-12        1/0-250 kcmil               
RVS-13        250-600 kcmil              
RVS-14        600-1000 kcmil            
 Note:  Confirm selection with Cable OD dimensions
 to assure proper sizing 

Each Kit contains one Rayvolve RVS Splice cover sleeve and sealant strip.  Kits do not contain connectors.  For stub connection, see Rayvolve RVC Splice Cover kit.