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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WCSM - Heavy Wall Tubing

shrink tubing
WCSM Tubing is available in a variety of sizes
    WCSM is one of the most commonly used Raychem (Tyco Electronics) products.  It is a versatile, heavy wall tubing that can be used for anything from jacket repair to splice sealing.  WCSM is rated for use at 1000 volts when in direct contact with the splice (rated to 35 kV for jacket repair).
    In spite of the fact that it looks complicated, the nomenclature for WCSM is actually very easy to interpret.  The first number is the supplied ID of the tubing in millimeters.  The second number is the fully recovered ID of the tubing in millimeters.  The third number is the length of the tubing as supplied (it can be cut to any length fairly easily in the field or in your own shop).  The final "-S" simply indicates that the tubing is internally coated with an adhesive sealant (as opposed to being 'uncoated').

     Below is a listing of the different WCSM sizes (smallest to largest) along with a manual conversion from mm to inches.  In a future post, I will address the WCSM sizes in relation to cable and connector ranges.  For dimensions of cable sizes and connection size; go here.

WCSM 12/3-1200-S (supplied at .47"; shrinks to .118")
WCSM 16/4-1200-S (supplied at .63"; shrinks to .157")
WCSM 24/6-1200-S (supplied at .944"; shrinks to .236")
WCSM 34/8-1200-S (supplied at 1.339"; shrinks to .315")
WCSM 48/12-1200-S (supplied at 1.89"; shrinks to ..472")
WCSM 56/16-1200-S (supplied at 2.204"; shrinks to ..629")
WCSM 70/20-1200-S (supplied at 2.756"; shrinks to ..787")
WCSM 110/30-1200-S (supplied at 4.330"; shrinks to 1.118")
WCSM 130/35-1200-S (supplied at 5.118"; shrinks to 1.377")

     Keep in mind when selecting a WCSM size that you must have 'room' to slide the tube into place.  As an example, the WCSM 12/3 would not work for a substrate that is exactly .47" as there would be no room to slide the tube into place.

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