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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WCSM Tubing

For specific product information about WCSM tubing and sizing, we have set up a WCSM dedicated domain.  Go take a look if that sounds like something that might answer some of your questions.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Gel In-Line Splice Kit (GILS)

Gel In-Line Splices (GILS)
The Gel In-Line Splice Kit (GILS) is a water resistant splice kit for power cable rated to 1000V.  Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) kits offer a state-of the-art sealed splice for both underground, buried and overhead applications.  Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) closures offer a fast and simple method for splicing, insulating, and environmentally sealing low-volage cable splices. 

The Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) closure, with PowerGel sealant, covers and seals the splice quickly and easily, saving both time and effort.  PowerGel sealant is rated to 95°C.  The Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) closure is simple to re-enter because the PowerGel sealant pulls away leaving a clean connection.  The only tools required to install the Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) closure in the field are a 5/16" allen wrench or a torque wrench and a knife. 

Small housings allow for installation of the Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) to be installed in cramped location and is water tight for use in all locations.  The connector provided with the Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) accomodates copper and/or aluminum cables. Also, Gel In-Line Splices (GILS) are UV resistant and qualified for temperatures from -40°C to 90°C.

The Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) is supplied in two sizes.
 Gel In-Line Splice - GILS-4/0 for conductor size #2-4/0
Gel In-Line Splice -GILS- 350 for conductor size #1/0-350

Gel In-Line Splice Kit (GILS) diagram

GelWrap Splice Closures

Gelwrap Splice
GelWrap Splice Closures is a cold-applied water resistant wraparound splice closure.  The GelWrap Splice Closure quickly insulates and seals buried electrical connections rated up to 1000 volts.  GelWrap Splice Closures are designed to handle harsh environments of direct burial and manhole applications and is also suitable for insulation and jacket repair. 

GelWrap Splice Closures are simple to install with a factory cured PowerGel silicone sealant in the Gelwrap Splice Closure which encapsulates the connection.  The gel is easily stretched and very sticky which forms around the cable, connector and itself which blocks moisture from entering the splice. 

Other common uses for GelWrap Splice Closures: LV cable repair splices, MV cable repair, MV splice rejacketing, Elbow sealing sleeve, 

Commonly used GelWrap Splice Closure sizes: 

GelWrap-18/4 -200

UL Listed GelWrap Splice Closure Sizes
 (which includes stainless steel cable tie wraps):

GelWrap-18/4 -200UL


Easy Installation Instructions for GelWrap Splice Closures (no tools required):

Center GelWrap Splice Closure sleeve over connector.

Wrap GelWrap Splice Closure around connector and shut
snap locks over entire length of sleeve.

Install cable ties at outermost notches of snap lock. 
GelWrap Splice is now complete.