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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Raychem Cold Shrink Termination (CST)

Raychem CST - Cold Shrink Termination


     Why is the Raychem CST better than some of the other competitive options in the marketplace? 

One advantage is that it has a large misplacement range. Typically, when a termination is misplaced, it is towards the lug end. We created our stress cone with a very large Faraday cage region to account for this. The customer has well over 1” of area they can land the semi-con cutback of the cable and still have effective stress control. We don’t advocate for sloppy workmanship but we do want to try and give the installers as much help as we can.

In addition, we developed a new EZ-Pull holdout which not only has a much lower overall pull force, but is very consistent in the force. This prevents the “jerking” that can happen with other holdouts. It is hard to put how much better the holdout feels into words since it is a very “touch” related thing. Installers are raving about this improved feature.

Other advantages: 
  • Our CST uses a geometric stress control with void-filling mastic rather than a different option
  • The CST indoor term also has mini-sheds that improve creepage distance, but still allow for installation in tight-fitting areas.  
  • Lower cost than the alternatives in the market.

     TE Connectivity's Raychem CST cold shrink terminations are the one piece solution for high performance in cold applied terminations for polymeric cables up to 28kV.  CST offers a reliable, fast and easy to install system to ensure trouble free service.  All components are pre-expanded  on an easy to remove spiral hold out allowing installation in compact environments on prepared cable.

     The silicone body is specially formulated for excellent tracking and erosion resistance.  The extra long stress cone aids in correct positioning and integrated void-filling mastic eliminates the need for silicon grease.  Sealing mastic for the lug end is built into the expanded termination eliminating the need for additional sealing tapes.  Shearbolt and compression style terminals and pin connectors are available to provide reliable connection to a variety of conductors. 

     CST components have full trace ability to raw materials and are in compliance with the following international standards:  IEEE-48, CENELEC HD 629.1.S2 (includes IEC, BS, VDE and other international specifications).

Monday, February 15, 2016


Busbar Insulation Tubing


     Here we are looking at two different products.  One is BBIT - Bus Bar Insulation Tubing.  The other is BPTM which is a medium wall tubing with a slightly lower voltage rating. 

     BBIT is a heavy wall tubing for use on straight or bent bars where maximum clearance reduction...or 35 kV insulation is required.

     BPTM is a medium wall tubing for use on straight or bent bars where some clearance reduction or 25kV insulation is required.  These heat shrinkable tubes for straight and bent busbars are extremely flexible, allowing them to be easily positioned on busbars and quickly installed using a gas torch or oven.  They have a high expansion ratio, so each size of tubing fits a range of busbar sizes.  Both BBIT and BPTM tubing are ideal for original equipment assembly and for retrofit applications where access to one end is available. 

    Both BBIT and BPTM tubings are also ideal for protection against accidental bridging caused by birds and animals. 

    BBIT:  5-35kV
    BPTM: 5-25kV

     Available sizes:
BBIT 25/10-A/U
BBIT 40/16-A/U
BBIT 65/25-A/U
BBIT 150/60-A/U
BBIT 175/80-A/U

BPTM 15/6-A/U
BPTM 30/12-A/U
BPTM 50/20-A/U
BPTM 75/30-A/U
BPTM 100/40-A/U
BPTM 120/50-A/U
BPTM 175/70-A/U
BPTM 205/110-A/U
BPTM 235/130-A/U

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Motor Connection Kits

MCK and MCK5

Raychem / Tyco MCK

Raychem MCK-5
Raychem / Tyco MCK-5
     MCK is available in a number of different variations.  Which one do you need?  That all depends on what you're working with. 

     Type V: The type V kit is designed to splice the stub or butt configuration that is commonly used where there is insufficient room to make in line connections.
     Type L:  The type L kit is used where space permits to splice in line connections.

     MCK-5 is rated to the general electrical requirements of the IEEE-48 withstand tests.

    For use as an in line or stub splice between 1/C poly feeder cable and motor leads.  Tyco Electronics (formerly Raychem) motor connection kit provides excellent insulation sealing and resistance to abrasion in motor connections.

stub sealing
MCK Stub Installation

motor connection kit sizing

Common standard sizes are: