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Thursday, June 13, 2013

MCK - Motor Connection Kit

     So, you want to buy a Motor Connection Kit?  The first thing you need to know is whether you will have a 'stub configuration' or an 'in-line configuration':

Motor Connection Kit
An in-line motor connection kit configuration (Type L)
Stub Motor Connection Kit
A stub motor connection kit configuration (Type V)
     Once you've got that figured out, you need to know the motor feeder size, the bolt length and the connection length.  In addition, it is important to note that stub type (V) motor connection kits are typically sold in standard box quantities of five pieces.

Motor Connection Kit Sizing Information

MCK-1V (stub)
Motor Feeder Size:  #14-#10
Bolt Length (Max): .625"
Connection Length (Max):  2.0"
Heat Shrink Cap Length (inches):  2.5"

MCK-2V (stub)
Motor Feeder Size:  #12-#4
Bolt Length (Max):  .75"
Connection Length (Max):  2.5"
Heat Shrink Cap Length (inches):  3.4"

MCK-3V (stub)
Motor Feeder Size:  #2-4/0
Bolt Length (Max): 1"
Connection Length (Max):  3.5"
Heat Shrink Cap Length (inches):  4.5"

MCK-4V (stub)
Motor Feeder Size:  250-500
Bolt Length (Max):  1.5"
Connection Length (Max):  4.5"
Heat Shrink Cap Length (inches):  6.5"

MCK-1L (in-line)
Motor Feeder Size:  #8-4/0
Bolt Length (Max):  1.25"
Connection Length (Max):  5.0"
Heat Shrink Sleeve Length (inches):  9.0"

MCK-2L (in-line)
Motor Feeder Size:  250-1000
Bolt Length (Max):  1.25"
Connection Length (Max):  8.0"
Heat Shrink Sleeve Length (inches):  12.0"

* Shielded cable must be terminated before installing MCK.
* These products are designed for single hole connectors and include caps and sealant strips for three connections.  Connectors are not included in kits.

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