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Friday, June 28, 2013

WCSM 24/6-1200-S IN STOCK 6/28/13

     I understand that through some kind of unlikely chain of events, the plant is currently unable to supply WCSM 24/6-1200-S for 5-6 weeks.  I can also understand what a huge problem this can be for many customers out there.

     We currently have this part available and ready to ship.  Actually, we have the previous size (WCSM 20/6-1200-S) available to ship (I think I have ~1800 pieces - all 4 feet long; so 7200 feet of material).

     The only difference between the WCSM 24/6 and the WCSM 20/6 is that the 20/6 is supplied with a 4mm smaller ID.  It will still work exactly the same and shrink down to the same wire sizes.  WCSM 20/6 was the standard part for many, many years until Tyco decided to supply the tube a little larger a few months back.  So - call us today - 936/321-3333 for a quote.

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