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Friday, June 21, 2013

Raychem Elite Distributor

     Joint Specialists is an Elite Distributor for Raychem heat shrinkable products.  This means that, due to our high volume buying history, our product commitment, our product expertise and our financial commitment to keeping a stock of Raychem material on hand; we are treated as a valued piece of the world wide Raychem shrink sleeve distribution network. 
     Unfortunately, there are a lot of "resellers" out there who do nothing more than attempt to act as a commodity broker; offering anything that any customer might request.  We do not believe this is the best way to run a business - and we do not believe this sort of approach will truly benefit the product line (or the customers) over the long term. 

     It is really incredible to hear the shock in someone's voice when they have called us requesting pricing on a part.  The conversation might go something like this:

Customer:  "Wait, you know what I'm talking about?? You've heard of this product?"
Joint Specialists:  "Yes, we stock that product.  I've currently got 2000 sitting on the shelf."
Customer:  "Are you serious!?!  I've been looking for this stuff all over the place and no one has ever even heard of it."
Joint Specialists:  "Well, I've got it right here and I can ship some out today..."
Customer:  "Oh man; I wish I'd found you two weeks ago!"

     So, what are you waiting for?  Call us today.  Let us help you.  Let us make your life easier.  Let us save you headaches and problems.  Let us get your material on its way to you so that you can focus on the other 47 items you're trying to track down!

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