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Monday, June 24, 2013

What is Concentric Neutral Cable?

Question:  What is Concentric Neutral Cable?

neutral cable
The "concentric neutral" is the right most wires in this photo.
Answer:  In concentric neutral cable, the concentric neutral wires primarily serve two purposes:

1.  They act as the neutral (shocking revelation!)
2.  They  act as the ground; disbursing the current throughout the length of the cable if needed. 

Why is this important when selecting a medium voltage splice?  Because the splice area needs to have this same concentric neutral set up that the cable itself (as manufactured) has.  If the concentric neutral isn't recreated in the splice area then it can lead to a failure of the entire cable in a catastrophic event.  

When dealing with the electrical world; the devil really is in the don't overlook them!

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