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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What do 1/C and 3/C Mean When Ordering Raychem Heat Shrink?

Question:  Looking through some of the medium voltage heat shrink splice options in your catalog; I see a designation for 1/C and 3/C.  What do those mean?

Answer:  This one is fairly simple!  The 'C' stands for conductors, so a 1/C cable has only one conductor in it.  A 3/C on the other hand has..........yes; three conductors.  See photos below in case you need it spelled out even further.

Raychem 1C Cable
A one conductor cable.

Raychem 3/C
A three conductor cable.
     It probably isn't difficult to understand why it is important to know whether you have a 1/C or a 3/C cable prior to ordering a splice kit.  Clearly, the 3/C splice kit will essentially be '3 splice kits in one' (plus some other components). 

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