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Friday, October 25, 2013

Gel In-Line Splice Kit (GILS)

Gel In-Line Splices (GILS)
The Gel In-Line Splice Kit (GILS) is a water resistant splice kit for power cable rated to 1000V.  Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) kits offer a state-of the-art sealed splice for both underground, buried and overhead applications.  Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) closures offer a fast and simple method for splicing, insulating, and environmentally sealing low-volage cable splices. 

The Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) closure, with PowerGel sealant, covers and seals the splice quickly and easily, saving both time and effort.  PowerGel sealant is rated to 95°C.  The Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) closure is simple to re-enter because the PowerGel sealant pulls away leaving a clean connection.  The only tools required to install the Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) closure in the field are a 5/16" allen wrench or a torque wrench and a knife. 

Small housings allow for installation of the Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) to be installed in cramped location and is water tight for use in all locations.  The connector provided with the Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) accomodates copper and/or aluminum cables. Also, Gel In-Line Splices (GILS) are UV resistant and qualified for temperatures from -40°C to 90°C.

The Gel In-Line Splice (GILS) is supplied in two sizes.
 Gel In-Line Splice - GILS-4/0 for conductor size #2-4/0
Gel In-Line Splice -GILS- 350 for conductor size #1/0-350

Gel In-Line Splice Kit (GILS) diagram

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