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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

CSTO - Cold Shrink Termination for Outdoor Use

CSTO 154G: Cold Shrink Termination

cold applied termination
      CSTO is an outdoor cold shrink termination for copper tape shield cable rated to 15kV.  The components for this kit are as follows:
  • Installation instructions
  • Silicone Housing on holdout
  • 2 gray sealing mastic
  • roll spring
  • solder blocked ground braid
  • 2 adhesive backed copper tape strips
  • cutback template
     In terms of installation equipment (not supplied with kit):
  • Cable preparation tools
  • TE P63 cable prep kit
  • Clean lint free cloth
  • Non-Conductive abrasive cloth (120 grit or finer)
  • Electricians tape
  • Connector and installation tool

outdoor cold applied termination
The expanded main component
      This is the workhorse of the CSTO kit - the "silicone housing on holdout" - it is stretched quite a lot and when the holdout is removed, it snaps down to a much smaller dimension offering insulation and protection to your cable.

CSTP cold shrink
      This is the technical name of just that silicone component:  CSTP-25-OS-VFM.

     The other components of the kit - the braided ground wire, the spring and the adhesive strips. 

     This product is remarkably simple to install - see the following installation video:

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