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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Heat Shrink Tubing (Medium Wall)

MWTM Heat Shrink Tubing

shrink tubes
MWTM Medium Wall Shrink Tubing
     Raychem invented many different varieties of heat shrinkable tubing made specifically for many different applications.  As an example, we have our WCSM - rated to 1000 volts.  But what about cases where 1000 volt resistance isn't needed?  Is there a more cost effective option?  Of course there is: MWTM rated to 600 volts. 

     The radiation cross linked PE backing is just a little thinner than the WCSM.  Thinner backing means less electrical resistivity.  Pretty simple. 

     The sealant coated MWTM (you know it is sealant coated when it has a -S in the nomenclature) is for use on insulation and jacket repair up to 600 volts or for general sealing and rejacketing of polymeric or elastomeric insulated cables up to 35kV.  MWTM has a 3:1 shrink ratio and an unlimited shelf life when stored under normal conditions.

MWTM sizes

     See the different sizes available above.  The first letters are of course the material type (MWTM).  The first number is the supplied ID of the shrink tubing.  The second number (after the /) is the size which the shrink sleeve tube will recover to.  The third number (1200) is the length of the tube as supplied (they can be cut down simply and easily). 

     So, the MWTM 85/25-1200-S is a tube rated to 600 volts, supplied with an ID of 85mm which will shrink down to a 25mm substrate - it is supplied in a 1200mm long tube (48") and is coated on the inside with a sealant adhesive. 

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