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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


CRSM Cable Tap Splices

An installed CRSM-CT sleeve
     Raychem's CRSM-CT is a wrap around, sealed cable tap splice.  Utilizing a rail and channel closure mechanism, CRSM is able to stay together in the shape of a tube during the shrink process while still holding onto its high expansion full recovery.

     Designed to be used on 1000 volt and lower cables, CRSM can cover a multitude of different cable sizes, removing the need to stock multiple supplied and recovered dimension products.

CRSM-CT is available in the following sizes:
CRSM-CT 34/10-150
CRSM-CT 53/13-200
CRSM-CT 84/20-250
CRSM-CT 53/13-200

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