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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CBR Cable Breakouts

Cable Break Outs - CBR

CBR break out
Tyco Electronics / Raychem Cable Breakouts
     CBR products seal breakouts in multi conductor cables and conduit.  These seals are made of tough, crosslinked polyolefin to provide mechanical protection and strain relief.  CBR seals have an adhesive coating on the body and the legs to form a durable watertight seal, and conform tightly to conduits and cable jackets. 

     For use on standard poly or elastomeric insulated/jacketed multi conductor cables or cables in metal or plastic conduits. 

See the CBR sizing chart above.  Standard parts are:
  • CBR-2-1-A
  • CBR-2-2-A*
  • CBR-2-3-A
  • CBR-3-1-A
  • CBR-3-2-A*
  • CBR-3-3-A*
  • CBR-3-4-A
  • CBR-4-1-A
  • CBR-4-2-A*
  • CBR-4-3-A*
  • CBR-4-4-A
  • CBR-6-1-A
  • CBR-6-2-A*
  • CBR-PLUG (for use with * items above)

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