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Friday, January 8, 2016


RNF-100 Thin Wall Uncoated Tubing

small color tubing
RNF -100 Tubing Available in Many Colors
     RNF-100 is a flexible, flame retardant, thin walled, general purpose heat shrinkable polyolefin (a modified polyethylene) tubing.  Available in many different colors (but the clear tubing is not flame retardant). 

     RNF-100 is ideal for wire jacketing, marking and color coding different wires and cables.  This tubing is sold with a 3:1 shrink ratio and an unlimited shelf life when stored under proper conditions. 

     Sold in rolls that can be anywhere from 25 feet long to 500 feet long; RNF is a multi functional product that is excellent to have on hand for many different possible uses.

RNF-100 sizing chart

     Here we see the sizing chart.  This chart shows catalog nomenclature, ID as supplied, ID as recovered, recovered wall thickness and standard feet per spool options. 

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