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Monday, January 11, 2016


GelWrap Wrap Around Splice Closure (1000V)

     Gel wrap splice closures (manufactured by Tyco Electronics; formerly manufactured by Raychem) quickly and conveniently insulate and seal buried electrical connections rated up to 1000 volts.  The robust and compact design is engineered to handle the harsh environments of direct burial and manhole applications.  Gel wrap splice closures are equally well suited for insulation and jacket repair.

     Installers will appreciate the simple wrap around design and dependable gel sealing performance.  Simply wrap and snap the closure on any cable in the use range.  The gel in the closure seals on contact.  Installation is literally a snap.  The gel wrap splice closure can be applied on all common compression connectors and low voltage cables.  Many in line mechanical connectors can be covered as well.

     The factory cured power gel silicone sealant in the gel wrap closure completely encapsulates the connection.  Since the gel is easily stretched and very stick, it basically forms around the cable and connector sticking to everything including itself.  Moisture cannot enter the splice.

gel tech

     Gelwrap is available in a number of different sizes:
GelWrap 18/4-100
GelWrap 18/4-150
GelWrap 18/4-200
GelWrap 18/4-250
GelWrap 18/4-300
GelWrap 33/10-150
GelWrap 33/10-200
GelWrap 33/10-250
GelWrap 33/10-300
GelWrap 33/10-350
GelWrap 50/20-200
GelWrap 50/20-250
GelWrap 50/20-300
GelWrap 50/20-350
GelWrap 50/20-400

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