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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FCSM - Flame Retardant Heavy Wall Tubing

FCSM - for 1/C Low Voltage Power Cable (2000 Volts)

     Some applications require a flame retardant material in order to meet specifications for a project.  In those cases, FCSM can be the perfect option with it's tough, crosslinked polyolefin construction that provides mechanical strength and cut through resistance, equal to or surpassing the properties of low voltage cable jackets. 
flame proof shrink sleeve

     FCSM's 3 to 1 shrink ratio and unlimited shelf life when stored properly make it simple and easy to have on hand for emergency repairs and quick use.  FCSM can be used as jacket repair on cables up to 35kV.  It is available in both internally coated with a sealant (-S) and uncoated (/U) varieties. 

flame retarant heat shrink
FCSM use chart
raychem flame resistant

     The first chart lists all FCSM that are internally coated sizes.  Simply look for your cable sizes and your connector sizes and you will quickly zero in on the size you need.  The plant does require that standard box quantities are met which means you may have to purchase more tubes than you need at any given moment. 

     The bottom chart shows sizes for uncoated FCSM tubes (no sealant inside).  For questions and comments about FCSM, please contact us today:

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