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Thursday, January 14, 2016

MBSM Shrink Sleeve

MBSM Wrap Around Jacket Repair (to 35kV)

     MBSM repair sleeves (heat shrinkable) protect cables in mechanically abusive environments.  They also rejacket premolded splices.  MBSM also repairs and rejackets LC shielded and moisture impervious cables.  MBSM is also used to provide strain relief to cables.
wrap around jacket repair shrink sleeve

     MBSM is available in five different sizes; all supplied with a 5:1 shrink ratio (that is a high, high shrink ratio).   It is designed to be used on standard poly or elastomeric insulated / jacketed cables which may include aluminum or steel armoring.  MBSM provides a moisture vapor transmission barrier for repairing and rejacketing LC shield and moisture impervious cables.  MBSM sleeves do not provide electrical insulation.

MBSM 43/8-1200
MBSM 75/15-1200
MBSM 125/30-1200
MBSM 160/42-1200
MBSM 200/50-1200

The first letters (MBSM) are simply the material type
The first numbers (43, 75, 125, 160, 200) are all the supplied ID of the tube
The second numbers (8, 15, 30, 42, 50) are all the fully recovered OD of the tubes (fully shrunk)
The last numbers (1200) is the length of the tube in millimeters (or 4 feet long).

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