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Monday, February 15, 2016


Busbar Insulation Tubing


     Here we are looking at two different products.  One is BBIT - Bus Bar Insulation Tubing.  The other is BPTM which is a medium wall tubing with a slightly lower voltage rating. 

     BBIT is a heavy wall tubing for use on straight or bent bars where maximum clearance reduction...or 35 kV insulation is required.

     BPTM is a medium wall tubing for use on straight or bent bars where some clearance reduction or 25kV insulation is required.  These heat shrinkable tubes for straight and bent busbars are extremely flexible, allowing them to be easily positioned on busbars and quickly installed using a gas torch or oven.  They have a high expansion ratio, so each size of tubing fits a range of busbar sizes.  Both BBIT and BPTM tubing are ideal for original equipment assembly and for retrofit applications where access to one end is available. 

    Both BBIT and BPTM tubings are also ideal for protection against accidental bridging caused by birds and animals. 

    BBIT:  5-35kV
    BPTM: 5-25kV

     Available sizes:
BBIT 25/10-A/U
BBIT 40/16-A/U
BBIT 65/25-A/U
BBIT 150/60-A/U
BBIT 175/80-A/U

BPTM 15/6-A/U
BPTM 30/12-A/U
BPTM 50/20-A/U
BPTM 75/30-A/U
BPTM 100/40-A/U
BPTM 120/50-A/U
BPTM 175/70-A/U
BPTM 205/110-A/U
BPTM 235/130-A/U

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