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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CRSM Cable Repair Sleeves

     CRSM (Cable Repair Sleeves) are a multi-function heat shrink sleeve system used for a wide variety of cable repairs and low (1000 volt) splicing.  Utilizing a rail and channel mechanical closure system (which has been around since the 1960's), this product utilizes a high expansion backing and a thick adhesive sealant to cover many, many varieties of electrical repair/splice requirement.

     CRSM was invented in the 1970's.  Some might read that and think "wow; what an ancient technology; surely there is something newer out there."  Others (like me) would look at that and say "wow - 40 years of use and this product is still a leader in its field.  If there were problems with this product; they would certainly have been discovered by now."

     This product is available in a number of different sizes and widths.  The nomenclature is as follows:  the first number is the supplied ID of the tube (once the rail and channel is in place).  The second number is the fully recovered ID of the shrink sleeve.  The third number is the 'length' (some would say width) of the tube - or the coverage of the sleeve along the cable. 

Standard Sizes:
CRSM 34/10-200
CRSM 34/10-1200
CRSM 53/13-200
CRSM 53/13-1200
CRSM 84/20-750
CRSM 84/20-1200
CRSM 107/29-1000
CRSM 107/29-1200
CRSM 143/36-1200
CRSM 198/55-1200

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