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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ESC End Sealing Caps

End Sealing Caps (ESC) for 1/C Low Voltage Power Cable (1000V)

Shrink Caps
End Sealing Cap


    ESC caps shrink and compress a hot melt adhesive on the cable jacket, forming a secure environmental seal.  They fit easily over the cable end and shrink in seconds, leaving a compact, rugged end seal. 
    ESC is qualified to ANSI C119 and rated to ICEA electrical withstand test for 1000 volts.  For use on standard poly or elastomeric insulated / jacketed cables or lead jacketed cables, which may include aluminum or steel armoring.  ESC can be used as a live end seal to 1000 volts.  Use as an end seal for storage and pulling of de-energized cable. 

Sizing Chart:
ESC Use Size
      As you can see here, ESC is available in seven different sizes.  Cable size ranges from #12 to 2000 MCM (and beyond).  Caps range from on inch long to more than 6 inches long.  Can be sold in standard quantities as low as ten per standard box. 

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