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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Low Voltage Heat Shrink Splices

Heat Shrink for Low Voltage Splice Sealing

      Rated to 1000 volts when in direct contact with a crimped splice, WCSM is one of the simplest products on the market for sealing up a low voltage (1000 volts or less) splice.  Available in tubes as long as 1200 mm (48"), WCSM can be custom trimmed to any length less than those 48".

     Available for cable and crimp sizes from 3mm on up to 30 mm; WCSM is always kept in stock for most sizes and available for same day shipping. 

     Utilizing a radiation crosslinked, high shrink ratio polyolefin backing; WCSM also includes an inner sealant layer of a high shear adhesive designed to form a perfect seal through which water, air and other foreign objects will not be able to permeate. 

     Installed with a small propane torch or an industrial hot air gun, WCSM is simple and easy to install.  Normal installation of the WCSM tubing might be 2 minutes or less with the proper equipment (heating method) on hand.

     Also used regularly for coating cables to offer extra jacket protection to cables that will be pulled through directional drilling holes; WCSM is very much the jack of all trades in the heat shrinkable products world with dozens of different uses across many different industries.

     Contact us today for pricing and delivery information.  Please be certain you either know which WCSM size you need -- or you are able to offer up cable sizes. 

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