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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WCSM Install Guide

WCSM Tubing Install Guide

1. Product selection

Check kit selection with cable dimensions.


2. Cutback insulation; clean cables
Using an oil-free solvent, clean the cables as shown.


3. Place tube over clean cable; install connector

Protect tube from end of conductor as it is placed over the cable end.

Install connector per manufacturer's instructions. After installation, deburr and clean connector.


4. Center tube over splice; shrink in place

Center WCSM tubing over splice. Working the torch with a smooth brushing motion around the tube, begin shrinking at the center of tube (1). After center portion shrinks, work torch as before toward one end (2), then to the opposite end (3) until completely recovered.


5. Inspect completed splice

Properly installed tube will be smooth and conform to the connection. Adhesive will be visible at both ends.

     *Allow to cool before moving or placing in service.

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