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Thursday, August 22, 2013

CFTS Heat Shrink Cabinet Feed Through

     How do you size CFTS?

     CFTS (stands for heat shrink cabinet feed through seal) is available in 5 different sizes.  Simply enough; these are CFTS-1, CFTS-2, CFTS-3, CFTS-4 and CFTS-5.  They are generally sized by the minimum and maximum cable diameter that can be used with them.

CFTS-1 :  Min: .2"    Max:  .4"
CFTS-2 :  Min: ..25"    Max:  ..65"
CFTS-3 :  Min: .55"    Max:  1.0"
CFTS-4 :  Min: .80"    Max:  1.45"
CFTS-5 :  Min: 1.45"    Max:  2.40"

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