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Friday, August 2, 2013

Raychem Sleeves -S vs -U. What do they mean?

Question:  I'm looking at some of the Raychem / Tyco Electronics part numbers.  How do I determine if I need the -S or the -U part?

Answer:  That part of the shrink sleeve nomenclature lets you know whether the part you are buying is internally coated with an adhesive sealant or not.  Uncoated shrink tubing would offer electrical insulation and physical protection; but would not offer a true seal (in the sense that it could be underground or underwater as examples). 

Coated tubing on the other hand is used far more often than uncoated tubing.  It provides a true seal; provides stress relief; provides physical protection and it provides electrical insulation.

If you do happen to have an application that will require no sealant, there is a decent chance (on a select group of products) that you might be able to get an uncoated version.  If that is the case; you could likely save a little bit on cost.  Check with us to find out!

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