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Friday, August 30, 2013

In Line Cold Splice for a #16 Cable

Question:  I love using the GHFC.  It is incredibly fast, easy and reliable.  Do you have a GHFC size that will work with #16 cable?

Answer:  Unfortunately, the #16 wire is just barely outside of the use range for the GHFC-1-90.  The GHFC-1-90 is approved for use on a #14 cable (.0641" diameter) and a #16 cable has a diameter of .0508".  This is obviously incredibly close with a difference of only 13 thousands of an inch, but still - it just can't be sanctioned.  The simplest solution in a case like this would be to purchase some additional GelTek tape.  Even a single wrap around the wire would get its diameter on par with the #14 (or greater) and the GHFC could then be used.  One extra step, but now you can go back to using the simple and easy GHFC inline splice.

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