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Thursday, August 15, 2013

HVT Selection - Post 3

     So you've been through HVT Selection guide steps 1 and 2.

     We've already touched on the importance of knowing whether your cable is shielded or not.  We've also touched on the importance of knowing how many volts will be running through your cable.  Now we need to look at shielding types for the HVT and conductor size for the HVT-50.

     If you already know your cable is SHIELDED and you know the voltage; you are ready to look at shielding type.  Below is a list of the different shielding options and how that option is conveyed on the HVT nomenclature.

    Copper tape is indicated by a G or SG
    Wire shield, Lead sheath and Unishield are also indicated by a G or SG
    URD is indicated by a J or SJ
    Jacketed concentric neutral (JCN) is indicated as a J / SJ (as is concentric neutral and LC shield)

     If you already know that your cable is non-shielded (and you know the voltage is going to be less than 5000 volts; then you are comfortable on the HVT-50 heat shrink splice kit path.  Next up you need to know the conductor size.  The Raychem heat shrink sleeve splices are what actually seal up and protect the cable.  In order to be certain the proper seal will be attained; it is imperative that we know the dimensions of your cable and your conductors.

     Up next - step 4 in the HVT selection guide.

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