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Monday, April 21, 2014

Deadbreak Insulating Cap

Deadbreak Insulating Cap

600 Amp 15/28 kV deadbreak interfaces

Raychem 600A deadbreak insulating cap is available in 15/28 kV class. The insulating cap is meant
to provide insulated protection for energized 15-28 kV deadbreak interfaces.

They are frequently used temporarily or permanently within padmount cabinets, underground vaults,
switchgear, transformers, and a variety of other apparatus. Typical applications include system
maintenance, circuit reconfiguration, and future expansion.

A fully shielded, submersible connection is offered, with conformance to IEEE Standard 386. These
insulating caps are therefore interchangeable with other manufacturers’ products that also comply
with this standard.
  • 15/28 kV, 600A ratings available
  • Includes a semiconducting EPDM insert for stress relief
  • High quality peroxide cured EPDM insulation
  • Provides insulated, fully shielded, submersible connection
  • Maintains ground potential on the cap’s surface when the drain wire is connected
    to a common ground
  • Compatible with 900A, all-copper circuits
  • Conforms to ANSI/IEEE Standard 386

Product Description and Ratings for Aluminum Deadbreak Insulating Cap:

Catalog Number: ELB-15/28-600-IC
Voltage Class: 15/28 kV
Max Rating Phase-to-Ground: 16 2 kV
Max Rating Phase-to-Phase: 28 kV
AC 1 minute withstand: 45 kV
DC 15 minute withstand: 88 kV
BIL and full wave crest: 140 kV
Minimum Corona Level: 21.5 kV (3pC)


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