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Monday, April 21, 2014

JGK-MS; Jacketed Cable Grounding Kits (15-35kV)


Jacketed Cable Grounding Kits Rated for use from 15 to 35 Kilovolt

The Raychem JGK-MS kit addresses the RUS recommendation to externally ground the jacketed
cable neutrals at least four times per mile to limit shield standing voltage, to avoid accidental shock,
and to provide multiple parallel return paths for line-to-ground faults.
  • Heat-shrinkable JGK-MS kits provide complete environmental sealing with a wraparound,
    adhesive-lined rejacketing sleeve.
  • Each kit contains a constant-force ground clamp, a solder-blocked ground braid for external
    grounding, and a sealant to encapsulate and seal the ground connector.
  • Kits are RUS accepted and have been tested to meet the 10 kA/10 cycles or 15 kA/15 cycle fault
    current test requirements.
  • Wraparound rejacketing sleeve has been water-seal tested to the applicable sections of ANSI C 119.1.
  • JGK-MS-HC kits have high fault current capability.

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